Hi! We are the Lunsford’s! We are about all things chill, good food, good tv shows, and a good book. That explains us in a nutshell. Oh, and we can’t forget our pup. Shout out to George Michael our Boston Terrier.

This blog is all about challenging ourselves. We believe that this will be a theme for us in 2017. This our record of the year ahead.

Looking back on 2016, lets just say we had an interesting year… We made some big moves and big decisions. We learned through our good moments and our not so good moments. This highlighted our need for developing spiritual disciplines.

We had this idea to have a monthly challenge that will keep this desire at the forefront of our minds this year. By no means do we want this to be a measuring stick of our spirituality, but we hope that this is a way for us to document our experiences  and encourage you in the process.