February Challenge – The Daniel Fast

This post is just a little but late (just 13 days…), and this is so representative of my life. Late all the time! Nevertheless, this month, Brandon and I are challenging ourselves with a Daniel Fast! Last month’s media fast was probably one of the most beneficial fast of my life. It’s amazing how taking away screen time strengthens every relationship in your life, and now we are about half way through this month’s challenge. If you don’t know what a Daniel Fast is, here is an amazing site to tell you all about it: https://ultimatedanielfast.com.

I think part of the reason I may have been avoiding this post is because Brandon and I have never made it public when we have fasted before. It just always feels weird to us, ya know? But, we want to do it, not to draw attention to ourselves, but to encourage you to take the Bible for what it is, apply it to your life, and watch what God will do!

Our hope is that as we set aside certain foods, we will be reminded to pray. Brandon and I are in serious need for God to help us in a few areas. We different people in both of our families who desperately need God to help them spiritually, physically, and emotionally. We have close friends who need the same.

Our primary goal for the year is to know and love God in a way that is closer to Him than ever before, and, man, has He honored that. It’s amazing what happens when we choose to put all of our own priorities, opinions, and ideas of what we would like God to do aside and just be with Him and strengthen your relationship with Him.

Here is a cool little update about something we have already seen God to just this month! Here is a little bit of a raw moment for you: we have been having a hard time financially. We are used to the whole living pay check to pay check thing, but in doing the math, we should not have had enough money to eat, get gas, etc., this month.

Not trying to have a pity party because here is the cool thing: we have gotten multiple completely unexpected checks this month. Multiple! The first one came literally hours before our bank account would have been hundreds of dollars in the negative. Instead, the amount we would have had negative in our account was the positive balance because of that check.

Other small things have happened like a few gift card being given to us, and we are good for the month! AND THEN, Brandon just texted me about a massive tip he just got from work. The Lord provided for us, and he just keeps going!

Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces. Psalm 3:34 NLT



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