January Challenge – No Social Media or Television

January 1st happened to fall on a Sunday this year which is great; it means that if you are like me, you can start a new habit on the beginning of the calendar week. If you are one of those people who thinks the week starts on Monday you are crazy.

Anyways, we want this next month to be about no social media and no television in the Lunsford residence. I’ve been noticing the amount of time that Jourdan and I spend starting at a 5 inch screen that never seems to run out  of things to look at. Between Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, and Pintrest we have a large amount of our day wasted looking into this screens of our phones. We also have a bad habit of watching too much tv. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching shows like The Office, but when you have watched them through 3 times in one year thats kinda sad…

So we want to take a break from looking at screens. Instead we want to spend more time together talking and learning about who we are as a couple, and read more books; which are always better than the movies anyways!

So here are some goals that we want to see happen in the month of January:

  • Spending more time together as a couple

  • Read 3 books each (we’ll keep you updated on the good ones)

  • Hang out with George Michael

Though this all may sound like a good self-help blog post, we don’t see it or intend it to be that. This is something that is challenging for us because we are setting daily inconveniences to focus on the things that matter most.

Jesus matters most, and our only aim throughout this year of 2017 is to grow closer in our relationship with Him. In every relationship, it is undeniably necessary to spend time with each other. That is exactly how we intend to develop our relationship with the Lord.

– Brandon


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